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MAPSAR (Multi-Application Purpose SAR)

The Brazilian-German MAPSAR (Multi-Application Purpose SAR) mission is a proposal for a light and innovative L-band SAR sensor, based on INPE´s Multi-Mission Platform (500 kg class spacecraft). The main mission objectives are the assessment, management and monitoring of natural resources.

The mission is currently investigated by INPE and DLR in a phase A study as a follow up of a preceding successful pre-phase A study. The phase A study is planned to be finished by end of 2005. The key component of the SAR instrument is the SAR antenna, which is designed as an elliptical parabolic reflector antenna. L-band (high spatial resolution, quad-pol) has been selected for the SAR sensor as optimum frequency accounting for the majority of Brazilian and German user requirements. The MAPSAR mission is tailored to optimally support the potential user groups in both countries taking into account the present status of current and planned SAR spaceborne programs, which should be complemented by the special mission characteristics of MAPSAR.


The MAPSAR Mission: Objectives, Design and Status

MAPSAR: A New L-Band Spaceborne SAR Mission for Assessment and Monitoring of Terrestrial Natural Resouces

MAPSAR: a small L-band SAR mission for land observation



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