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The 1999 VOAM


The 1999 survey was conducted in June over the Legal Brazilian Amazon by INPE and University of California/Santa Barbara (UCSB).



The Aerial Survey Plane



Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE) made available its Bandeirante aerial survey plane, which has a camera mount custom-built in which both cameras can operate in tandem and vertically oriented.


The Video Aquisition System


Developed by the Natural Resource Conservation and Computer Science of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst (UMASS) (Schultz et al., 1999) included:


2 Digital Camcorders: vertically oriented (one in wide-angle mode and one in zoom mode);


a Laser Ranger Finder (904 nm wavelength): which measured aircraft height above ground or canopy; 


an AHRS- Attitude and Heading Reference System: which measured aircraft tip and tilt;


a system GPS: which received a real-time, differentially corrected GPS signal from the Omnistar commercial GPS satellite network;


a Horita GPS3 Timecode Generator: the differential GPS signal that was received by Trimble 132 GPS throught an externally mounted L-band receiver, was converted to SMPTE format by Horita, to encode the GPS signal on audio tracks of digital videotapes.



The Flight Lines


The flight lines were designed to provide coverage of intensive study sites for the LBA-ECO projects including:


Human-Impacted Areas: secondary forests, selectively logged forests, and pastures;


Major Floodplains of:


- Whitewater Rivers: central Solimões, Amazon, lower Purus, lower Japurá;


- Blackwater Rivers: lower Negro, including Anavilhanas archipelago; lower Jaú; the Balbina Reservoir; interfluvial blackwater wetlands in the Jaú basin; blocked-valley lakes: Tefé, Mamirauá.



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