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Representing terrestrial system in computational models, encompassing not only physical and biological dimensions, but also human dimensions is a challenge of interest to entire international scientific community of environmental sciences. In this project it is proposed to expand existing international cooperation in INPE's PPG to improve representation in atmospheric, biophysical and socioeconomic processes in tropical region, mainly in  Brazilian territory, that contribute to better understanding of Terrestrial System.
The activities involve three main lines of research wich have been integrated in a transdisciplinary way: 1) Collection and synthesis of observational data of Terrestrial System and effects of global environmental changes, such as global networks of measurements of gases of effect and biogeochemical cycles, characterization of potential for production of renewable energies and detection of atmospheric electrical discharges; 2) Parameterization and development of different components of Terrestrial System in models appropriate to processes observed in South America, mainly in the tropical region, wich contribute to the integrated understanding and simulation of Terrestrial System in the recent past and to Ruture that can contribute to  construction of scenarios; 3) Formulation of scenarios and diagnostics of Terrestrial System, considering natural and / or anthropic aspects.