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The constitution, formation, evolution and phenomenology of diverse astrophysical objects will be investigated through the collection / analysis of observational data, development of astronomical instrumentation "state of the art" and construction of theoretical models. Emphasis is given to  production of science in Physics and Astrophysics of quality / frontier with instrumental resources developed by the group itself, in collaboration with international institutions. This is the definition of Instrumental Astrophysics, wich Astrophysics performed by means of instrumentation developed, in whole or in part, by the group itself.
The internationalization of these activities only benefits realization of this research and development, since it can count on laboratories and foreign personnel, mainly in the first world countries, with experience in the development of astronomical instrumentation. However, participation of Brazilian students and the national industry is fundamental, so that we can train human resources in the area of ​​astronomical instrumentation and encourage the participation of the national industry in the development of high technology instrumentation. This research and development project in Astrophysics Instrumental will cover the electromagnetic spectrums of radio, infrared, optical, x-rays and gamma rays, in addition to detectable spectrum in gravitational waves.