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This project encompasses R & D from all segments of a space mission within the scope of its theses and dissertations: (1) subsystems / payloads and even complete satellites, (2) launchers and (3) ground systems (command and tracing, mission center and operation center).
The main objective is, in addition to building equipment and algorithms, to improve personnel at Masters and PhD levels in the areas of Orbital Dynamics, Guidance and Control, Structure and Thermal Control, Combustion and Propulsion of Space Vehicles, Engineering and Management of Space Systems and Science and Materials and Sensors Technology for space, aerospace and terrestrial applications, serving as a source of human resources for use in the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), in other research or teaching institutions and in industry.
The topics of master's dissertations and doctoral theses are, in general, closely linked to research projects and activities under development at INPE. In the ETE (xxxxx???) there are a number of technical partnerships with other foreign institutions as well as co-orientations of thesis / dissertations. an example is the development of RaioSat, a Cubesat 3u that will house CCST's (xxxxx???) payload of interest for lightning monitoring. There is the opportunity for a German HEI to develop some subsystems (Optics and Control Attitude) and share control infrastructure with Germany and Colombia. Another project that investigates sprites in space and atmospheric sciences may benefit from a payload in cubesats. Other institutions that have shown interest were from countries: Israel, Holland, Italy, China, USA, UK, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Japan and Russia.