The research project in Heliophysics has the objective of conducting research, the development of instrumentation and techniques for observation and data analysis, and the training of personnel at postgraduate level in topics related to Heliosphere Physics, encompassing Solar Physics topics , planetary, interplanetary medium, magnetospheres, ionospheres, atmospheres, planetary magnetic fields and other bodies.
This project has 3 main actions: 1) To develop and improve instrumentation for observations and monitoring of processes in heliosrera "state of the art"; 2) Conduct excellence research in heliophysics through theoretical studies, data analysis and numerical-computational modeling and communicate it to the scientific community and society in general; 3) Train human resources in the field of heliophysics at an international level. This project provides for collaboration with the following countries, following the tradition already existing in INPE: United States; South Africa; Japan; Australia; Chile; Canada; Mexico; China; Austria; Germany; India; France; Spain; England; Belgium, Italy; Cuba; Sweden; Argentina; Nigeria and Nepal.